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Posted on 08-06-2018

It can be difficult to get your cat into the carrier and to the vet, but it’s crucial to your cat’s health.

NATIONAL BRING YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY is Aug. 22, so let’s talk about the importance of routine and preventive care. Your cat counts on you to keep healthy, and your cat needs you to move past your (and your cat’s) discomfort to make sure your pet gets those ever-important vet visits. Here are some of the reasons to endure the crying in the car and the heart-rending little meeps and squeaks cats make when they get to the vet’s office.

     1. It prevents anxiety about whether your cat is well

Cats have the tendency to hide illness until it is pretty far advanced.  Regular check-ups will set your mind at ease regarding your cat’s over-all health. 

     2. Cats age much more rapidly than do people

Once a cat reaches adulthood, a yearly vet visit is like a human going to the doctor every four years. That’s one reason why we recommend semiannual visits for senior cats (those over about 10 years of age). Things can develop very quickly as cats age.   For example, an older cat can have a perfectly normal visit in January but by June or July blood work values can change indicating a mild problem.  In six more months, things might develop into a serious problem.  Keeping on top of potential problems can help your cat live a longer and healthier life. 

      3. Your vet has records to consult from your cat’s past visits

When your vet has a history of your cat’s weight, vital signs, and blood work, he or she can see whether lab values or other important vital signs are changing. Not only can this help with early detection of problems, but it can help you prevent problems as well. If your vet sees that your cat is steadily gaining weight, for example, recommendations can help you put together a food plan for your cat to prevent him from becoming obese and perhaps developing diabetes as a result.

     4. Vet visits can help you catch problems early

Cats are notoriously stoic, and they’re experts at hiding signs of pain or illness. However, when your vet conducts an exam, she can determine whether your cat is in pain or struggling with an illness that hasn’t become so severe as to be unable to hide.

     5. You develop a relationship with your vet

When you see a veterinarian regularly, he or she remembers you and your cats. If something goes wrong, you and your vet are one step ahead because you’ve developed a trusting relationship that can see you through difficult times.

     6. Your vet trusts you

If you’re bringing your cat in regularly for physical exams and lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations, your vet will come to see you as a responsible pet guardian, which will set you both up for success as your cat ages.

      7. Prevention costs less than treatment

Once you reach the point where you’re having to treat a serious illness in your cat, you’re looking at spending hundreds to thousands of dollars. Compare that with the price of annual or semiannual vet visits, and you’ll discover that you come out pretty far ahead financially if you get those regular checkups.

The importance of getting your cat accustomed to going to the vet can’t be overstated. His health depends on you. So, what are you waiting for? Give your vet a call and schedule an appointment for your cat’s checkup.

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